Glass Alliance New Mexico, a regional chapter of Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass, is an organization dedicated to the development and appreciation of Studio Art Glass in New Mexico. We bring together artists, galleries, glass collectors, curators, educators, students, as well as private and corporate art enthusiasts in order to support, educate, and enrich the experience of glass art.

To that end, we sponsor glass artists’ technical demonstrations; lectures/multi-media programs; maestro events which showcase both national and international glass artists’ work; educational/instructional classes for members and others interested in creating their own glass art; and visits to artists’ studios and glass collector homes.



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Australian Glass Artist-Noel Hart

Glass Alliance New Mexico is one in a nationwide group of non-profits dedicated to promoting the art form of studio glass and those who create it.

Our goal is to educate the community of existing and potential collectors, working and student artists, art educators, galleries, and the general public through our Maestro Program. We host seven or more presentations a year, bringing nationally and internationally recognized glass artisans to New Mexico for demonstrations and lectures.

In the last five years GANM has proudly hosted over 45 glass artists through its Maestro Program, including Alex Bernstein, Hiroshi Yamano, Noel Hart, Josh Simpson, Bruce Pizzichillo and Emma Varga.

We are very fortunate to have the support of our local gallery community, which has allowed our organization to utilize their venues for our presentations.

In order to bring these high quality programs to our audience, Glass Alliance NM regularly incurs expenses such as honoraria, food, lodging, live demonstration hot shop and equipment rentals, and refreshments, etc. These costs far exceed monies received from our membership dues.

We are also pleased to announce that GANM is developing a scholarship program for New Mexico glass artists pursuing studio art glass as a career. Our goal is to establish a scholarship fund through the generosity of donors and corporate sponsors to provide financial aide to local artists/students who wish to further their education through workshops or study programs.

We hope you believe in our mission as we do! For more information about Glass Alliance New Mexico, please visit our website:

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