Joseph Ivacic

Meet the maestro

Joseph's fascination with the world is seen through an artist's eye, drawing inspiration from everyday events and objects and using glass as his chosen material. He "sculpts" objects rather than making functional vessels. The unpredictable nature and constant communication necessary to guide glass in the direction needed is the challenge. He wants to change the way artwork is created, thought about, and viewed. He wants to push glass to the extremes of the spectrum, from soft curves to hard edges, clear as ice to opaque as concrete. As an artist, he is interested in the interaction and impact that the objects leave with the viewer through craftsmanship and content.

Joseph includes painting and enameling the glass surface to create troupe l'oeil to the point where a viewer feels it is found art. As a sculptor, he draws inspiration from a perspective of modern necessity. His art is achieved by combing historical artifacts with current social trends to create objects in glass that have a complex narrative.