Message from the Co-Acting Presidents

Harry Miller and Tom Murdock

We first want to say a big "thank you" to Dylan Martinez for his Maestro presentation in January. His history and current efforts in glass art are creative, extensive, and entertaining. In addition, thank you to Karla Winterowd and her team at Winterowd Fine Art for hosting this well-attended event.

Our first GANM Board meeting of 2019 was election time for our officers. The slate: For President, Harry Miller and Tom Murdock to serve as Co-Presidents; Harry M. stays on the ballot for Vice-President and Tom for Treasurer. Harry Pollitt was on the ballot for Secretary. One explanation is in order: We did not uncover interest in the President position following our former President, David Goldheim, moving to Florida. After discussions, Harry and Tom chose to "volunteer" for sharing the President role for the next year. This slate was elected unanimously.

The rest of the Board meeting reviewed the extensive plans we have for the year: Our Maestro program is virtually "full" for this year (as well into 2020 and a strong start for 2021). We plan on at least one membership social event, similar to the successful one we had in Summer of last year. Also, membership growth will be high on our agenda, including events that will specifically be designed to target the public. Fundraising is a major item on our agenda, with numerous events and grants under consideration. If we are successful, our scholarship goal can be met. Bottom line, a lot to accomplish in 2019!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at our events.

Harry and Tom