Message from the Co-Acting Presidents

Harry Miller and Tom Murdock

Our two Maestro programs in July were fun & successful: Thank you to our Artists John Miller and Peter Bremers. Also to form & concept and LewAllen for their support. In addition, we had several other events that are important to recognize: Tesuque Glassworks had the “reopening” of its Gallery; Winterowd Fine Art celebrated its 15th Anniversary during the month of August; Bullseye Glass Santa Fe treated us to a fascinating Artist talk by Andrea Polli; and Tesuque Glassworks hosted a demonstration and discussion with Glass Artist Chris Johnson. Now we move on to the last part of this year: Maestros Mark Leputa at Winterowd Fine Art in October and Michael Mikula at Globe Fine Art in December, sandwiching Chris Taylor, the Executive Director of Pilchuck talking to us in November at Globe Fine Art.

This is the time of year when Board elections come to the fore. See the paragraphs above for our request for your input and the schedule of these events. This is your chance to help GANM move forward to benefit everyone.

As you move through this Newsletter, notice all the other events we direct your attention to: Member News is packed! We look forward to seeing you at upcoming events and hearing from you as we move to elections and into 2020!

Harry and Tom