Message from the Co-Acting Presidents

Harry Miller and Tom Murdock

Our first item for this issue is to thank glass artist Gerry Newcomb for his Maestro presentation at Globe Fine Art (with special thanks to Steve Cie!). Gerry's skill set in architectural cast glass panels was clearly shown and the answers that followed numerous questions further stimulated our interest in his work.

The second item is to congratulate our new and renewing GANM Board Members: Jerry Silverstein, Sarah Nelson and Lucy Lyon were all re-elected; past Board Members who have returned to serve are Willie Haye and Harry Pollitt; and new Board Members, Barbara Bloomberg, Ellen Premack and Steve Harris, are welcomed with open arms! Together with current Board members not up for re-election in this period (Tom Murdock, Leslie Walker-Hirsch, Susan Hancock, and Harry Miller), we all look forward to an invigorating 2019, with stimulating Maestro programs and other events for our membership!

Enjoy the Holiday season and come join us at upcoming events!


Harry and Tom