Message from the Co-Acting Presidents

Harry Miller and Tom Murdock

Our Maestro program in December featured Glass artist Michael Mikula at Globe Fine Art. Thanks to Michael for his engaging presentation and to Steve & Martha at Globe for hosting this event.

The next day, Roddie & Steve Harris hosted GANM's Brunch and Book Auction at their marvelous home. Thank you to Roddie & Steve, our fundraising team, book donors and the numerous book purchasers for making this event successful - this will help GANM fund our Scholarship program in 2020 (see the section above for information on this program).

Our Board Elections were completed. We welcome two new members: Eileen Miles Biggs and Brian Weiss. Reelected to the Board were Harry Miller, Tom Murdock, Leslie Walker-Hirsch, Susan Hancock and Ellen Premack. Thank you to Barbara Bloomberg for her efforts on the Board in 2019 and we look forward to her future contributions. GANM Board members that continue to serve are Jerry Silverstein, Sarah Nelson, Willi Haye, Lucy Lyon, and Steve Harris.

On January 23, Women in Glass: On Fire! will take place at Blue Rain Gallery - see the information earlier in this Newsletter and join us for our conversations with Glass Artists Shelley Muzylowski Allen, Carol Lujan, Mary Shaffer and Judy Tuwaletstiwa. This will be followed by a full schedule of Maestro programs throughout 2020, as well as our annual member party and other events.

2019 was successful for GANM. Thank you to our Board, Gallery and individual members for everyones efforts. Looking forward to 2020 for our opportunities to continue enhancing the Glass Arts in our communities and beyond!

Harry and Tom