Message from the President

Harry Miller and Brian Weiss

The Board has voted to extend all memberships by six months, reflecting the necessary lack of activity during the pandemic crisis and our appreciation for everyone’s choice to be a member and support glass art in New Mexico.

It has been two months since our last newsletter and in that short time the whole world has changed. It has become clear that GANM needs to expand its efforts in new directions to help our galleries, artists, collectors and members meet the goals we all share. We know, more than ever, that art—including glass art—has a significant role to play in helping people appreciate the boundless creativity and energy of the human spirit.

Undeterred by the virus, we recently awarded a scholarship to Steffen Plistermann, who works out of Prairie Dog Glass and Liquid Light Glass. The Scholarship Committee and the Board were impressed with Steffen’s past and current glass work, and his detailed plans for artistic growth. Up until now, Steffen has always worked solo, but with this scholarship money he will be able to hire an assistant to help him create larger and more complex pieces, as creating larger pieces is physically and sometimes technically impossible without assistance. We look forward to following Steffen in his endeavors and seeing the results of his efforts. See the two following images of Steffen’s recent work.

Our Facebook presence is becoming more important by providing a path for timely communication. We are hopeful that our Maestro program will soon restart, albeit with tweaks to our format to allow for more space to make attendees feel comfortable. Our use of new and/or different ways to communicate and be helpful are also being considered.

This Newsletter contains a listing of current happenings at our member galleries and their contact information. We have also listed a number of artist resources that can hopefully be useful. Keeping up with our artist and gallery members is most important, whether through their websites and gallery affiliations or other means of communication.

The Board invites your input, thoughts, and suggestions on how GANM can better serve its members. Please direct ideas and inquiries to; they will be shared with all board members.

Be safe and well,

Harry and Brian