Message from the Co-Acting Presidents

Harry Miller and Tom Murdock

We again start with a Thank You to our recent Maestros and Gallery hosts. Jennifer Halvorson presented at Bullseye Glass Santa Fe. Jaime Guerrero delivered at Globe Fine Art. Both Artists had good crowds that were attentive and full of questions. Morgan and her team at Bullseye and Steve & Martha at Globe were welcoming, making the Maestros and GANM Members feel right at home.

And these lead us into a May calendar that is among the busiest that GANM has ever had, as you can tell by the length of this Newsletter. We also have now set our second annual Member Appreciation Social to be held June 23 (see details above). As part of this "party," we will be celebrating our 100th Maestro event, and honoring the efforts of Jerry Silverstein who has led the program since its inception. It is for good reason that he is known as "Mr. Maestro:" GANM's Maestro program is unique; no one else does anything like it. Come join us for lots of reasons, but especially this.

Glass Alliance is earnestly seeking some help for two very important projects. To help fund our activities, we need to be applying for grants that are available from local businesses and non-profit organizations. If you have any (even just a little) experience with grants, please contact Willi Haye.

Secondly, we are planning to hold drawings for donated glass artwork at our Member Appreciation Social. If you would be willing to donate glass artwork for our fundraising effort, it would be greatly appreciated. Please help by contacting Harry Miller.

We look forward to seeing our members at our upcoming events. Thanks for your support!

Harry and Tom