Message from the President

Harry Miller and Brian Weiss

With social, political, and economic challenges at every turn, does glass art matter right now? YES!

At times such as these, there is an urgent need for anchor points, and reassurance that familiar things still exist and can still bring pleasure to our lives. Glass art is a reminder that there is still beauty and creativity and imagination and inspiration in the world and that these are permanent values which will transcend current difficulties. It has become clear that GANM needs to expand its efforts in new directions to help our galleries, artists, collectors and members meet the goals we all share. We know, more than ever, that art—including glass art—has a significant role to play in helping people appreciate the boundless creativity and energy of the human spirit.

That’s why we use this newsletter to point you toward the many online efforts that provide gallery tours, glass making demonstrations, artist interviews, and other virtual events. We celebrate and applaud the flexibility and ingenuity of those offering us an opportunity to enable glass to brighten our lives.

A reminder that the GANM board has extended all memberships by six months to show our appreciation for everyone’s choice to support glass art in New Mexico. We are working to enhance our website, especially those sections with information about scholarships, New Mexico glass history, membership benefits and matching gifts/donations.

A select group of the board has also reached out to Mark White, the new executive director of the New Mexico Museum of Art, to offer our support and make sure that he is aware of the active glass community in New Mexico. Clearly, it would be to the Museum’s benefit if glass could be part of the conversation as Mark directs the Museum’s future. The tone of the exchange appeared positive and we look forward to assisting any way we can.

This newsletter contains a listing of current happenings at our member galleries and their contact information. We have also listed a number of artist resources that can hopefully be useful. Keeping up with our artist and gallery members is most important, whether through their websites and gallery affiliations or other means of communication.

As always, we welcome your ideas, suggestions, and inquiries at

Thank you. Stay safe and well,

Harry and Brian