Meet the Maestro:

Jerry Silverstein, 1934 - 2020

Jerry was the heart and soul of the Glass Alliance New Mexico’s Maestro Program. Since 2009, over 100 “maestro” artists have come to New Mexico to present their work by giving a lecture or a glass demonstration. Jerry’s passion for collecting glass and supporting artists will live on in spirit via continued Glass Alliance New Mexico programing.


Linda Mae Tratechaud

I strive to create art that addresses the everyday interactions of the female experience. As an avid people watcher, I invent stories based upon personal observations, and incorporate them into my work. I am especially interested in how Women intersect with the world around them and negotiate their personal power. I weave metaphor into tangible objects by addressing social constructs, human emotion, and precarious relationships. This creative process is a path to self-discovery while I access my intuitive and authentic voice.



Glass Alliance-New Mexico is pleased to announce its first online sale of glass art crafted by New Mexico artisans. Each month we will feature the work of two innovative, creative glass artists and you will have an opportunity to bid on their work during a limited time period. Read the details here on how you can participate. But hurry. The first sale begins October 5 and ends October 9.

Video Interview with Susan Hancock

Susan Hancock has worked in all aspects of marketing and promotion, mostly producing experiential events. “I have a knack for doing live events; I can visualize all the possible outcomes and am the consummate trouble shooter.” She has developed in-store video merchandising displays, nationwide launches for Macy’s 800 stores, live TV broadcasts for outdoor concerts, and worked with numerous celebrity tie-ins such as Martha Stewart, Emeril Lagasse, Tommy Hilfiger, Usher, Alicia Keys, to name a few, plus numerous authors, chefs, and even a French promotion.

Susan has won a regional Emmy for one of her shows and many, many nominations as well.

Susan Hancock lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with her husband Harry Miller and loves reading, her studio glass classes, and her cat “Frida Kahlo Hancock Miller.”

Watch the video interview to learn more about Steffen Plistermann!

Glass events to know about

Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass

Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass is hosting an every Friday meet-up via Zoom focusing on artists, museums and collectors. Stay in touch by tuning in to this regular event. Click here for details.

Corning Museum of Glass

Corning Museum of Glass has started a “Watch the Artist” series to keep interactions between those interested in the glass arts and artists moving ahead during this difficult time. They also offer “Top 10 ways to experience the museum digitally” and virtual tours of the galleries. Click here for details.

The Getty Museum

The Getty Museum is offering digital access to the 5000+ glass pieces in its collection online. Digitized books on glass art are also available. Click here for details.

GANM Member News

Lois Manno at Modeling Glass

Lois Manno has published a new e-book titled “Exploring Modeling Glass: The Basics and More.” 81 pages, 160 images and seven complete step-by-step projects. Go to for details or contact Lois directly.

Santa Fe Indian Market

GANM would like to recognize artists sculpting with glass who participated in the SWAIA Virtual Indian Market. Congratulations to Ira Lujan for his beautiful blown glass piece that won the Virtual Indian Market Sculpture Award. Other New Mexican glass artists who were invited to participate in the market were Tony Jojola of Isleta Pueblo, Robert “Spooner” Marcus of Ohkay Owingeh, and Carol Lujan of the Navajo Nation.

Elodie Holmes

GANM extends congratulations to Elodie Holmes who gave an excellent virtual presentation for Duncan McClellan Gallery on August 28th. Duncan McClellan Gallery’s “Talk & Tour” series features a select group of artists from around the country, and takes you on a virtual tour of their studios. During the tour each artist gives you a sneak peek into their history, inspirations, and available work. If you missed the event, check DM Glass YouTube Channel series. Enjoy!

Messages from our Board Members

With social, political, and economic challenges at every turn, does glass art matter right now? YES!

At times such as these, there is an urgent need for anchor points, and reassurance that familiar things still exist and can still bring pleasure to our lives. Glass art is a reminder that there is still beauty and creativity and imagination and inspiration in the world and that these are permanent values which will transcend current difficulties...

That’s why we use this newsletter to point you toward the many online efforts that provide gallery tours, glass making demonstrations, artist interviews, and other virtual events...

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