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Welcome to the Glass Alliance Sunport Glass Art Exhibit

Glass Alliance-New Mexico was pleased to have tens of thousands of visitors to the Albuquerque airport (Sunport) view an introduction to the fascinating world of studio glass art when we presented a three-month exhibit October-December 2021. Photos of the exhibit contents are accessible via the links below. We will be returning to the Sunport in November/December of this year with a new exhibit, and hope you will visit us then.

New Mexico is the heart of glass art. The state's glass artisans continue to innovate and create in ways that make use of the unique properties of glass and its interactions with light. New Mexico's Indigenous artists are adding a rich source of creativity as they interpret their cultural heritage through glass.

We invite you to visit our member galleries and see the diverse work of the glass artists they represent.

But don't just look—do. There are several Glass Alliance members that offer an opportunity for you to become a momentary artisan. Guided by a glass artist, you will have a memorable experience making glass items of your choice, from chiles (green or red) to paperweights to vases—no prior experience necessary.

We hope you will visit our member galleries, and enjoy your glass making experience. To stay up-to-date with the world of glass art, we invite you to  join Glass Alliance-New Mexico.

The links below will take you to photos of each of the three exhibit cases, and photos of the individual items that were on display. Contact us for information about seeing or purchasing any of these works.

See our exhibit video, Ways of Shaping Glass, below

(subtitles, no sound)

Glass Alliance-New Mexico thanks our exhibit sponsors

Anita and Joel Boxer

Rago Arts and Auction

all of our participating artists and galleries and

the Albuquerque International Sunport marketing and public arts program staff

(Jonathan Small and Doug Lutz)

Glass Alliance-New Mexico is a non-profit and tax exempt (501)(c)(3) organization.

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