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Glass is a fascinating medium of artistic expression that has inspired creativity in those who shape it—and wonder in those who see it—for centuries.

Glass Alliance-New Mexico brings together all those with an interest in glass art, from beginners to experts. We welcome everyone who has an interest in learning about glass art, whether you are a collector, artist, gallery, or "just curious."

We invite you to browse this website, and we encourage you to become a member. Membership in Glass Alliance-New Mexico is the portal through which you will enter the fascinating, ever-changing world of glass art. You will have an opportunity to learn about the medium, take classes, meet artists, and stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the glass art world. 

Doctor Glass

About 40 Glass Alliance-New Mexico members gathered at Globe Fine Art in Santa Fe May 11 to hear a fascinating presentation by glass artist/surgical oncologist Lee Riley.

There are stories behind the making of every glass artist, and the story of glass and Lee Riley is particularly poignant and touching. "Imagine sitting in front of a young mother, looking her in the eye, and saying 'you have cancer,'” he says “My art is about what happens next.”

Lee Riley’s presentation was a very engaging, very personal look at a rarely seen side of creating glass art. 

And for Our Next Speaker. . .

Our next "Glass Alliance Presents. . ." speaker will be Dori Settles, at 10 a.m. on July 20, at Globe Fine Art in Santa Fe. Settles creates glass shoes using primarily p√Ęte de verre technique. But these aren’t just any shoes; they are shoes with a story. Settles captures real shoes in glass, and then captures the shoe owner's story about the shoes—happy stories, sad stories, wistful stories, hero stories. Glass tells a story. 

Just click your heels, and sign up to let us know you'll be there.

Glass Alliance Sunport Exhibit 2024

November 1-December 31, 2024

Call for Art is Now Open

Application Deadline is August 1, 2024

Exhibit Your Glass Art

At the Albuquerque Airport (Sunport)

We encourage our artist members to submit an application so their work can be considered for this year's exhibit. This show is taking place during the high traffic holiday period; thousands of people can see your work, but only if you apply. GANM’s goal is to welcome visitors to New Mexico and encourage them to visit galleries, studios including hot shops and teaching facilities, and online websites of artists. 

For more information, see the full call for art here.

NOTE: You must be a Glass Alliance member to be considered for Sunport participation. If you're not a member and are interested in applying, membership application information is here.

Glass Making

Don't Just View It

DO it!

New Mexico is "the heart of glass art." There is a lot of glass to see, in galleries and museums—and there is a lot more to DO.

Yes, YOU can be a momentary glass artist. Really. Right now. Today. No art background, experience, or special talent required. Kids can do it, adults can do it, young people, less-young people, and especially people who say, "But I have no artistic ability." Glass is an intriguing, beguiling, and very understanding medium. It won't always do what you want, but it will always do something interesting. 

What if you do have artistic talent? Step right in to the wonderful world of making studio glass art, where the only boundaries are the edges of your creative imagination. Learn the many fascinating techniques and combinations of techniques for shaping glass. It's a world where we are all beginners every time we make something, because each glass making experience is unique—even for the experts. Glass will surprise you, amaze you, amuse you, and entice you.

You can enjoy a one-hour glassblowing experience under the guidance of an experienced glass artist, take a one- or two-day class on making stained glass or glass mosaics, learn to make beads, take part in hybrid online/in-person courses about all aspects of glass making, or immerse yourself in workshops, seminars, webinars and other means of learning about glass. You'll have a memorable and fun experience, and you will take home something YOU made. 

GlassU—Class is in Session

Glass class—whether you're a beginner or a pro, there are many opportunities to discover the fun of making glass art. These classes are also a great chance to give out-of-town visitors a unique and memorable experience. Make something for yourself, or make a gift for someone else. Make something big, or small.

The following are classes, workshops, and other opportunities offered by Glass Alliance-New Mexico members. And GANM will occasionally offer specific glass classes at various locations. Glass—don't just view it, do it!

Donna Nova Design (Santa Fe)

Learn the glass shaping technique of flameworking and how to make beads of extraordinary beauty, taught by Donna Nova. There are few opportunities to learn flameworking from a renowned expert. This is that opportunity. 

More info here.

TLC Stained Glass (Santa Fe)

Learn to make stained glass at classes taught by Theresa Cashman at her studio in Santa Fe.

More class and signup info here.

The Groove (Albuquerque)

Instructors at The Groove offer classes in a wide variety of media, including glass. 

More class and signup info here.

Hot Flash Glass (Albuquerque)

Hot Flash Glass is a small family, veteran owned business that offers courses in stained glass, fused glass, and glass mosaics, as well as custom windows and art pieces. When you choose a class, Hot Flash posts it on their calendar and invites others to join. 

More class and signup info here.

Glass Blowing

The following hot shops offer introductory glass blowing experiences, under the guidance of a knowledgeable artist. No prior knowledge or experience is required. Advance appointments are recommended, though sometimes these shops can accommodate "walk-ups." Visit their websites for more information and to check availability.

Liquid Light Glass—Liquid Light Glass, located in the Baca Street art district, is the studio and gallery of glass master Elodie Holmes. Classes are taught by one of several accomplished glass artists who regularly work at this studio.

Prairie Dog Glass—Located at the rear of Jackalope, on Cerrillos, Prairie Dog Glass offers a menu of items you can make during your glass experience, ranging from a fluted bowl to a classic New Mexico chile pepper.

Tesuque Glassworks—Tesuque Glassworks, located about 10 minutes north of the Santa Fe Plaza, was founded almost 50 years ago by artist Charlie Miner. An experienced artist-teacher will guide you in blowing a glass art piece of your choice.

Firefly Glass—One-on-one, accessible glassblowing experience with artist Amy Griffin, who is also an experienced art therapist. First timers warmly welcomed.

Other Learning Resources

Want to learn more? Here, we have listed additional resources for learning more about glass art. 

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