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You Can Be a Glass Artist—Right Now

Glass art is exciting to look at. It is even more exciting to create.

The following Glass Alliance members offer the opportunity to make your own glass art objects. For a fee, and with the help of an experienced glass artist, you will experience the thrill of transforming glass into an original work of art that is yours to keep and display with pride.

This is being done every day by people who say, "But I'm not an artist." You do not have to be an artist to enjoy the process of creating glass art. Becoming a "momentary glass artist" and creating glass art will make you a more perceptive and appreciative viewer of artisanal work when you visit galleries and museums displaying glass art. 

A reservation made a day in advance assures you that an instructor will be on hand, but some shops may be able to accommodate requests on shorter (or no) notice. Call or visit their website (by clicking on the studio name) for more information.


A "hotshop" is a glass-making studio equipped with furnaces in which glass can be melted, warmed, and cooled gradually. The predominant techniques for shaping glass in a hotshop are glassblowing and casting.

Glass Alliance members offering lessons to the public in their hotshops are:

Liquid Light Glass 

926 Baca Street #3

Santa Fe, NM 87505


Prairie Dog Glass 

2820 Cerrillos Rd. (rear of Jackalope) 

Santa Fe, NM 87507


Tesuque Glassworks 

1510 Bishops Lodge Road 

Tesuque, NM 87574


Warm Shops

A "warm shop"  is a studio where glass is cut and assembled, then fused or slumped in a kiln. The object is then often "cold worked," which involves grinding, polishing, and other mechanical processes that create the finished object.

Bullseye is the leading provider glass for glass artists. Their resource center in Santa Fe offers materials, tools, and both online and in-person classes.

Bullseye Glass

805 Early Street Building E

Santa Fe, NM 87505


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