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Glass Alliance-New Mexico offers many opportunities to hear presentations by artists, take part in glassmaking events, and learn more about this fascinating artistic medium.

Our upcoming events include

October 22

Glass Alliance Book Sale and Auction—Santa Fe

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away and before the pandemic, there was an annual Glass Alliance glass art book sale and auction. It was a place of robust fun, interesting books (mostly about glass art, but not all), tasty eatables, and much camaraderie. 

We are pleased to announce that the 

book sale and auction is back! 

And this year, there will be door prizes! And maybe even some glass "stuff" on offer. And dancing frogs. OK, no frogs. But books, glass art, door prizes, and food. 

Mark your calendar NOW (today, right now, immediately) for Sunday, October 22 starting at 10 a.m. and going until we run out of stuff or energy, whichever comes last. But before you even do that,

RSVP HERE. We have a limit on how many can attend due to space availability, and we need to plan for food (yes, food), seating, etc. so your RSVP will be greatly appreciated.

Where do these books come from? You. We ask members to look through their libraries or under the couch or in the studio, consider which books they've already memorized, forgotten, or otherwise no longer want/need, and donate them to this event, which helps raise the funds that enable GANM to do all that it does. One person's discard is another person's treasure.

The book sale is NOT limited to Glass Alliance members, because the more people who buy glass books, the more who become lost in the wonderful world of glass. We'll have books for beginners, intermediates, and all-stars.

Dec. 1-Jan. 31

Glass Alliance Exhibit at the Sunport

For the second year in a row, Glass Alliance-New Mexico has been invited to mount an extended exhibit at the Albuquerque International Airport (the Sunport). More than 40 member-artists submitted entries, which were vetting by a special committee of the board. 

The exhibit will be in the three large display cases at the garage-level entry to the airport. We encourage everyone to stop by and to tell any incoming holiday visitors to take a few moments to see the wonderful array of work that will be in this year's exhibit.

December 3

"Glass Alliance Presents. . .Steve Hagan" at Kay Contemporary, Santa Fe

Glass artist Steve Hagan joins us at Kay Contemporary Art on Canyon Road in Santa Fe to talk about his literally luscious creations. Though perhaps best known for his "Citrus" series, Hagan's creation encompass a wide range of shapes. Come and hear how he does what he does, what inspires him, and how the "Citrus" series came about.

Kaye Contemporary is at 600 Canyon Rd. in Santa Fe. Steve's presentation will begin at 10 a.m.

Glass Alliance-New Mexico is a non-profit and tax exempt (501)(c)(3) organization.

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