Meet the Maestro: Brent Cole

It has been said that in the arts, we tell lies to get at the truth. Cole uses different materials and perceptual perspectives to get at an idea from several different vantage points. He is interested in the intersection of our own personal histories and how their recalling changes over time: at what point do they translate from personal stories to self-aggrandized mythologies? Can these stories become part of the larger culture? Cole explores elements of personal navigation: how do we relate to the stars, the sea and each other? Cole's work utilizes natural and man-made navigational tools to describe metaphorical and contextural environments.

Now an Associate Professor of Art at Ball State School of Art, he assumed the lead faculty position of Ball State University's new glass program in 2010.

Coming in April: Terri Grant

Meet the Maestro: Terri Grant
April 25, 2020
Saturday 9:30am (Refreshments at 9:00am)

Kay Contemporary
600 Canyon Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87501


This event has been cancelled.

Recap of last month's Maestro: Jen Blazina

By re-creating and casting mementos in glass and metal, Jen transforms their history in her own voice. This process allows her to capture and hold onto another time in the past, as these objects allude to narratives from fleeting moments.

Jen has her studio in Philadelphia. She has had numerous solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally, while winning awards and being in numerous collections worldwide. She is a Professor of Fine Art at Drexel University.

Video Interview with Brian Weiss

Brian Weiss is vice-president of the GANM board of directors. He and his wife Joan and their golden retriever Abby have lived in Santa Fe since 2018. Their previously-limited glass collection is rapidly expanding.

Brian is a non-fiction writer, former college professor (UCLA and the University of Michigan), and was one of the original members of Angel Flight, an organization that provides free transportation in private aircraft for people without the means to reach needed medical care. He holds a master’s degree in anthropology from UNM, and did a year-and-a-half of doctoral fieldwork on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua with the Miskito Indians, where he made two films that were in distribution for almost 40 years. His anthropology background and general curiosity created an interest in how glass has been a medium for both artistic expression and practical use in cultures around the globe for thousands of years.

Watch the video interview to learn more about Brian Weiss!

Glass events to know about

Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass

Ongoing on Fridays

Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass is hosting an every Friday meet-up via Zoom focusing on artists, museums and collectors. The next one, on Friday May 8 will feature Aaron Schey of Habatat Galleries giving a preview of the Glass 48 Direct exhibition that launches that day. Stay in touch by tuning in to this regular event.

Go to for details.

Corning Museum of Glass

Corning Museum of Glass has started a “Watch the Artist” series to keep interactions between those interested in the glass arts and artists moving ahead during this difficult time. They also offer “Top 10 ways to experience the museum digitally” and virtual tours of the galleries.

Go to for details.

The Getty Museum

The Getty Museum is offering digital access to the 5000+ glass pieces in its collection online. Digitized books on glass art are also available.

Go to for details.

GANM Member News

Bullseye Glass Santa Fe

Bullseye Glass Santa Fe has scheduled the following classes. Contact Bullseye at 505.467.8951 for further details and to make reservations. Make sure you mention if you are a current GANM member!


Blue Rain Gallery

Works by Preston Singletary (including collaborations with Dante Marioni and Jody Naranjo), Shelley Muzylowski Allen, Rik Allen, Dan Friday, Ethan Stern, Nancy Callan, Benjamin Cobb and Leroy Garcia. A highlight event at the gallery will be an invitational glass show curated by Shelly Muzylowski Allen, to be held June 11—July 4. It will feature 22 artists. There will be a robust schedule of special events starting with the opening on June 11 and including an afternoon panel discussion prior to the opening, as well as glass blowing and flame working demonstrations Friday and Saturday. Go to the Blue Rain website to be kept advised on these activities.

Gerald Peters Contemporary

In addition to representing Karen LaMonte, just arriving in inventory is a 1988 Dale Chihuly Macchia Series piece titled Cerulean Blue Macchia with Ultramarine Lip Wrap. This series ushered in a new era of engagement, showing Chihuly’s mastery of color. See image below.

Messages from our Board Members

The Board has voted to extend all memberships by six months, reflecting the necessary lack of activity during the pandemic crisis and our appreciation for everyone’s choice to be a member and support glass art in New Mexico.

It has been two months since our last newsletter and in that short time the whole world has changed. It has become clear that GANM needs to expand its efforts in new directions to help our galleries, artists, collectors and members meet the goals we all share. We know, more than ever, that art—including glass art—has a significant role to play in helping people appreciate the boundless creativity and energy of the human spirit...

Read more from Harry and Brian...

Harry Miller President
Brian Weiss Vice President

The following have renewed their membership or have become new members in the previous month. Thank you and welcome. Let us know of any events or volunteering opportunities that can make your membership more enjoyable!

- Hall Acuff and Gail Samota - Carol Lujan - Paul Messink - Darlene Moore - Jayne Nordstrom - Steffen Plistermann - Gaye and Harry Pollitt - Enid Tidwell

Let us know of any events or volunteering opportunities that can make your membership more enjoyable!

Join the fun!

Leslie Walker-Hirsch Membership Chair

Women In Glass: On-Fire!

Organized by Glass Alliance New Mexico, Blue Rain Gallery and New Mexico State Committee of the National Museum for Women in the Arts.

Join us for drinks, delicious hors d’oeuvres and spectacular glass artworks by four magnificent local & regional women glass artists: Shelley Muzylowski Allen, Carol Lujan and Mary Shaffer, and Judy Tuwaletstiwa.

This is a private event. You must register to attend.

Learn more...

Ellen Premack Board Member

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