Glass Alliance New Mexico, a regional chapter of Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass, is an organization dedicated to the development and appreciation of Studio Art Glass in New Mexico. We bring together artists, galleries, glass collectors, curators, educators, students, as well as private and corporate art enthusiasts in order to support, educate, and enrich the experience of glass art.

To that end, we sponsor glass artists’ technical demonstrations; lectures/multi-media programs; maestro events which showcase both national and international glass artists’ work; educational/instructional classes for members and others interested in creating their own glass art; and visits to artists’ studios and glass collector homes.

“Pale Headed Rosella” - Hand Blown Glass by Noel Hart – Tansey Contemporary Gallery
"HOUSED BARRIER II” - Flameworked-Borosilicate Glass by Eunsuh Choi - Tansey Contemporary Gallery
“Worth Their Weight in Gold” - Blown glass, sculpted figures, murrine wings, flame-worked fruit blossoms, & gold leaf By Elodie Holmes - Liquid Light Glass
“Fire & Ice Series” - Blown Glass by Patrick Morrissey-William & Joseph Gallery
“Golden Queen” Hanging Chandelier Dress - Kiln–formed Glass & Mixed Media By Susan Taylor Glasgow - Tansey Contemporary Gallery
“Steel Ivory” Cast & Cut Glass, Fused Steel by Alex Bernstein-Winterowd Fine Art
“Confide” Kiln-formed Glass by Karen Bexfield-Winterowd Fine Art
“Shape Shifter”- Kiln Cast Crystal by Harry Pollitt-Winterowd Fine Art
“Custom Necklace" – Lampworking Glass by Donna Nova
“Dora Maar” - Sand Casted Sculpted & Painted Object by Stephanie Trenchard – Tansey Contemporary Gallery

Common Glass Art Techniques

Blown Glass:   Molten glass is gathered from a furnace on the end of a long hollow metal “blowpipe”.
Cast Glass:   Cold crushed glass or solid billets are placed into a mold and brought to molten temperature where it then solidifies.
Hot Glass:   Molten glass is scooped from the furnace and poured directly into molds.
Sand Casting:   Molds created by pressing objects into damp sand and then pouring in molten glass.
Lost Wax:   The object to be cast is modeled in wax and encased in a ceramic or plaster mold. When the mold is heated wax flows out; and powdered or molten glass is poured in.
Kiln-formed Fused Glass:   Glass that is altered, fused, shaped, or textured by the heat of a kiln.
Slumped Glass:   A technique used to form glass using a mold, heat and gravity. The cold glass is just heated until it “slumps” on or in the mold.
Cold Working:   Refers to methods that work the glass when it is at room temperature and includes sandblasting, engraving, cutting, grinding, and polishing.
Lampworking Glass:   A method of heating and shaping glass utilizing the flame of a torch.
Murrina Glass:   Colored patterns or images made in a glass cane (long rods of glass) that are revealed when cut in cross-sections.
Stained Glass:   Colored glass set into a lead framework like a mosaic.

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