Meet the Maestro: Mark Leputa

For Mark, the greatest sense of self-satisfaction and pride are found in the creation process. Throughout his studies (BA in Communications from the University of Pittsburg in 2003), Mark continuously turned to art to liberate the ideas boiling within. Not until a short trip to New Zealand, did he finally submit to his longing of being a full-time artist, after discovering the medium he had long been seeking - glass. The heat, the fire, the seemingly liquid state that this material is worked at entranced him. Nothing has been the same since. The short visit to New Zealand turned into a three year apprenticeship.

Demanding precision and attention to detail, he is able to bring his abstract visions to life. Every touch to the glass has significant and deliberate meaning. After returning to the United States, he settled in Alabama at Orbix Hot Glass. Exhibitions, awards and exposure have since allowed Mark to further develop a clean crisp body of work.

Recap of last month's Maestro: John Miller

John Miller started working with glass in 1987 at Southern Connecticut State University. He later earned his MFA at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. John has been a staff member at the Pilchuck Glass School since 1993 and currently also serves as an Associate Professor of Glass at Illinois State University.

John concentrates on blown glass sculpture with several diverse bodies of work: homages to Claes Oldenburg (larger than life everyday pop sculptures; the Corset series are blowing vibrant colored glass through copper strictures; and a third series that explores anthropomorphic forms. He shows through numerous national and international galleries and his artwork is in a number of museums worldwide. John also "tours," giving lectures and demonstrations with hot glass.

Video Interview with Judy Tuwaletstiwa

In January 2012, Judy Tuwaletstiwa began working with glass powders during an 18-month residency at Bullseye Glass Resource Center in Santa Fe, and discovered a material that synthesized and expanded the concepts she'd explored for almost 50 years as a visual artist and writer. Previously, she had worked with various media including paint, sand, feathers, sticks, and other natural materials with acrylic on canvas, but glass absolutely captivated her.

"The materiality of glass, its relationship to geologic time, light and transformation, its nuances of color, opens a door into a landscape filled with endless possibility," she said.

Tuwaletstiwa received her Bachelor of Arts in English literature from the University of California at Berkeley in 1962, and her Master of Arts in teaching at Harvard University the following year. Since then, her work has been presented in exhibition around the U.S., and is held in several permanent collections, including that of The Corning Museum of Glass. She has also published several books, including Mapping Water in 2008, and Glass in 2016.

As an artist Judy's philosophy might be "experimentation based on years of being an artist(s)," ... "always asking, 'What happens if...' and then, seeing what happens."

Watch the video interview to learn more about Judy Tuwaletstiwa!

Glass events to know about

Corning Museum of Glass

Corning Museum of Glass new exhibition, New Glass Now, features objects, installations, videos and performances made in the last three years by over 100 artists and architects of 31 nationalities from more than 25 countries.

Corning, NY
NOW through Jan 20, 2020

Go to under the New Glass Now title to explore what is happening.

Divergent Materiality: Contemporary Glass Art

Divergent Materiality: Contemporary Glass Art highlights contemporary glass artists—both masters and emerging—whose innovative approaches to using glass have advanced the medium’s discourse within contemporary art.

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (Scottsdale, AZ)
NOW through Oct 13, 2019

Go to to learn more.

Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass 2019 Member Trip

Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass 2019 member trip will be to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and will include museums, artist studios and private collections, plus surprises!

Milwaukee, WI
Wed, Sep 18, 2019 - Fri, Sep 22, 2019

Keep up with the details at

GANM Member News

Bullseye Glass Santa Fe

Bullseye Glass Santa Fe has scheduled the following classes. Contact Bullseye at 505.467.8951 for further details and to make reservations. Make sure you mention if you are a current GANM member!


Linda Mae Tratechaud

Linda Mae Tratechaud has an ongoing show at the Galisteo Arts Center (LaSala Gallery) on Saturdays and Sundays, through September 15.

Eileen Miles Biggs

Eileen Miles Biggs is hosting a workshop, featuring Carrie Iverson, titled "Shifting Perspectives: Glass and Print" October 11-14 in Eileen’s Santa Fe studio. Carrie (MFA from the School of Art Institute of Chicago) is known for her innovative use of materials, with previous projects incorporating glass, print, found objects, video and sound. She is represented in many well-know public and private collections, and has also taught glass and print classes around the world, including at Pilchuck, Pittsburg Glass and Bullseye. Go to for more information and email for information and to register.

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Our two Maestro programs in July were fun & successful: Thank you to our Artists John Miller and Peter Bremers. Also to form & concept and LewAllen for their support. In addition, we had several other events that are important to recognize: Tesuque Glassworks had the “reopening” of its Gallery; Winterowd Fine Art celebrated its 15th Anniversary during the month of August; Bullseye Glass Santa Fe treated us to a fascinating Artist talk by Andrea Polli; and Tesuque Glassworks hosted a demonstration and discussion with Glass Artist Chris Johnson. Now we move on to the last part of this year: Maestros Mark Leputa at Winterowd Fine Art in October and Michael Mikula at Globe Fine Art in December, sandwiching Chris Taylor, the Executive Director of Pilchuck talking to us in November at Globe Fine Art.

This is the time of year when Board elections come to the fore. See the paragraphs above for our request for your input and the schedule of these events. This is your chance to help GANM move forward to benefit everyone.

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