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Sunport Glass Art Exhibit

Case #3 (far right)

The following artists' works are in the display case on the far right. These pieces are usually available for purchase from the gallery or artist. See below for individual photos of each work.

Other examples of each person's glass art creations may be seen at the gallery or artist's website listed below. 

Gallery address/phone/website information can be found here. 

Karen Bexfield • Core VI (Winterowd Fine Art/Santa Fe)

Barbara Bloomberg • Flights of Fancy           

Emily Brock • Diner (  

Theresa Cashman • Flamenco Dancer (TLC Stained Glass/Santa Fe)

Luetta Donalds • Turquoise Swirl Bowl          

Willi Haye • Azure Glimpse (Winterowd Fine Art/Santa Fe)

Shelby Kaye • Untitled (Wild Tonic) (Broken Arrow Glass/Santa Fe)

Cyn Kirk • Wise and Foolish Builders (Liquid Light Glass/Santa Fe)

Lucy Lyon • Dance (LewAllen Gallery/Santa Fe)

Marcia Newren • Cadence      

Bruce Pizzichillo • S.yD. (Globe Fine Art/Santa Fe)

Harry Pollitt • Pinnacle (

Linda Mae Tratechaud • Embrace: Straight Jacket Bell Bottoms 


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