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Glass Alliance Exhibit Opens at the Sunport

October 08, 2022 1:06 PM | Brian Weiss (Administrator)

The Albuquerque International Sunport is hosting a three-month display of glass art by artist and gallery members of GANM.

Featuring almost all New Mexico artists, this is believed to be the largest exhibit of glass art ever featured in the state. The works run the gamut in terms of styles and techniques.

The exhibit also features a seven-minute film on "Ways of Shaping Glass," an ultraviolet box with "Glass that Glows," and examples of "Glass Made by Nature" including fulgurites (glass made by lightning strike), tektites (glass made by a meteor impact), obsidian (volcanic glass), and two prehistoric knives shaped from obsidian.

Visitors to the exhibit are encouraged to take with them a copy of the exhibit brochure, which offers information about glass art, a list of GANM member galleries where glass art is on display, and locations where anyone can be a "momentary artist" by taking a class and making glass art objects.

For more information, see the exhibit page.

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